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Muvee Reveal Finale Crack 15




. Boost Video .. New Music track engine .. Over 80% of users can take advantage of the new built in Music track engine and save big on their upgrade cost. Add/Edit/Replace Track Duration: You can now add/edit/replace track length without worrying about losing any data. This is very useful if you want to sync data across multiple devices. New Resolve Methods: You can now re-arrange the order of your sessions by drag and drop, or you can change the default Resolve Method at any time. You can also change the default Resolve Method at any time in muvee Reveal. Add/Edit/Replace Tracks: You can now add/edit/replace tracks in muvee Reveal without losing any data! New Batch Processing: You can now batch process as many new or existing files as you want, without worrying about losing any data. Additionally, batch processing allows you to split a larger project into many small projects. The new output file structure is only 3 parts (Project, Parts, and Source). New Installation: Installation is now a one click process! You can now install directly from the muvee Reveal package (.msi or.exe) to your hard drive without the need to make any changes to your registry. Delete Tracks: Delete Tracks is now a one click process! You can now delete tracks from muvee Reveal without worrying about losing any data. New Update System: The new update system will notify you when a new version of muvee Reveal is available to upgrade to. New "Grab Audio/Video From Folder" Options: You can now edit the default location where muvee Reveal will look for audio/video files from the folders listed on the General tab of the Options dialog. Import Session to muvee Reveal: You can now import your mics, sources and mixdown from your existing session to muvee Reveal in one click. New Sequence Menu: The Sequence Menu has been updated to make it easier to use. New "Projects Manager" Window: You can now add Projects and Items to your Projects manager. New "New Projects" Window: You can now add new Projects from the Projects manager. New "Projects List" Window: You can now see all of your projects and items from the Projects manager in a list view. New Preset Menu: You can now add presets, make them available from the Preset Menu, and edit their properties. New Preset Window




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Muvee Reveal Finale Crack 15

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