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Appraisal and Valuation Advisors for a New Age

Reshaping the field of Appraisal one step at a time

25+ Years of Appraisal Experience

We can provide any valuation interest; fee simple, leased fee, sandwich lease, leasehold, etc. Be it an existing property 'as is,' prospective value, retrospective value, liquidation, partial interest or other unique scenario - we have you covered with our team of professional, capable and cheerful appraisers servicing the State of California. We operate in all commercial real estate industries including office, retail, industrial, multi-family and special use. General consulting services, including litigation support, are also available such as market feasibility studies, demographic and trend analysis, comparative market analysis, competition assessment and overall highest and best use studies. 


We also pride ourselves on our going-concern valuations of special use property types such as hotels, restaurants and gas stations by utilizing Cost of Capital Method and utilizing both the Residual Technique and Capital Layers Allocation for allocation analysis, when applicable.


All appraisal reports adhere to the Code of Professional Ethics of the Appraisal Institute and the Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice. Our team has operated in over 21 states and 7 countries and territories and has performed assignments for government agencies, financial institutions, the FDIC, private equity investors, and more.

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About KNL

About Kearns and Langeveld Valuation Services

A small business with a comfortable work environment and a bright future

Kearns & Langeveld, LLC established 2020 as a duo of professional service providers; Michael Kearns and Colin Langeveld, for the commercial real estate community with nearly $3bn in assets appraised for a variety of clients. Meghan Cobos joined the team shortly thereafter bringing expertise in customer experience and satisfaction to the growing business. Together with a team of highly capable appraisers throughout California, Kearns & Langeveld has been able to produce competitive, quality products for clients in the commercial real estate sector. Looking forward to 2023 and beyond, Kearns & Langeveld will be expanding its capabilities with new additions to the team and new skillsets learned as a full-service commercial brokerage and property management firm. By using the latest in PropTech GIS software solutions proprietary to K&L, we can provide a greater spectrum of solutions and services for interested parties.


Michael Kearns

Partner/Chief Appraiser


Colin Langeveld

Partner/Senior Appraiser


Meghan Cobos

Partner/Office Director

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Corona, CA 92878


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